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This is to inform everyone about how SAFE Space actually is in case of ANY emergency or natural disaster.

  • Space was approved and certified by Town & Country, WASA, T&TEC, Trinidad & Tobago Fire Service (TTFS), EMA and all other statutory bodies.
  • Sound insulated and thermal resistent walls - Approved by EMA and Town & Country
  • Space's foundation was engineered, built and approved to withstand winds up to 140KM/h and also earthquakes up to 6.0 on the Richter scale - Approved by Town & Country and Ministry of Works
  • Building and premises was engineered, built and approved for proper drainage to prevent any flooding - Approved by Town & Country and Penal/Debe Regional Corporation
  • Approved Eco friendly commercial waste disposal sewer system, built accordingly to handle capacity number of patrons - Approved by WASA, EMA, Penal/Debe Regional Corporation and SWRHA
  • ALL forms of fire prevention. Including: fire hoses and extinguishers at approved strategic points to reach any part of the building. Full fire alarm system - Approved by Trinidad & Tobago Fire Service
  • Approved strategic emergency exits, equipped with approved emergency panic release doors and exit signs at every emergency exit - Approved by TTFS
  • Space is approved as the ONLY nightclub for disabled persons with wheelchair ramp entry access, hands free sensor taps, wider washroom cubicles for wheelchair access and washroom attendant assistance - Approved by Ministry of Social Affairs
  • Guaranteed continuous supply of electricity with proper electronic electrical system and proper housing - Approved by T&TEC
  • 152 KVA (400 Amps) Generator for backup supply of electricity, which has a three (3) second electronic switch over and which is fueled to run 3 days at full capacity or 5 days at essential capacity - Approved by T&TEC
  • Space has nine thousand (9000) gallons or water reserve with dual one (1) hp pumps
  • Space has a full first aid cabinet and members of staff who are certified first aiders
  • Space is equipped with 110 tons of air condition
  • Approved outdoor smoking facility

*We have all documented approvals/certificates for proof and full completion certificate.There is NO other venue claiming to be a nightclub with these proven approvals!